Monday, 15 February 2016

February 2016 - more progress with the welding

Update 13/2/2016,  Report by Dave High,  pictures by Rob Bishop

Previous progress reports feature rust or paint drying. Prepare to be dazzled! Pete Freestone welds in frame repair described in the previous report. This is the rear frame stretcher, underneath the cab. The tape measure & pliers are on top of (or technically on the bottom of) the rear buffer beam (the frames currently being upside down). Various large holes for previous drawbar arrangements in the buffer beam are a witness to a diverse past.

The completed repair is on the left, original bits on the right. The stiffening plate and bracket have been temporarily bolted on. The next job is to rivet them up.

While Pete was at the Lodge he also welded in a patch repair to the front buffer beam.  This made good a crack and also removed some of the surplus drawbar holes. The horizontal row of bolts fasten an angle iron stiffener along the bottom of the buffer beam & the vertical rows attach stiffeners which tie the buffer beam back to the frame stretcher. Replacing these bolts is also on the riveting weekend to-do list.

To run the WHR winter passenger service KS4415 had been fitted with chopper couplings, which remained on the loco during its time on the FR. The old chopper couplings did not have a full buffing face, just two side cheeks. The provenance of the new couplings is unknown. Rick recovered these from Minffordd and cut the drawbar shanks down to suit 4415. Welding the bosses on was another ‘while you are here…’ job for Pete.

Back on the frames this is a replacement angle bracket, attached to the rear of the front frame stretcher which attaches the sub frame to the main frames. The drive chain from the gear box to the leading axle passes through the hole in the stretcher. The brackets on the left carry the brake gear. See drawing below for how all this fits into the big picture.

Ed Ford cleaning up the cab floor castings

Back to paint drying; Eds’ handiwork, the cab floor castings.

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