Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Axle boxes

Photos by Rob Bishop

Last month's engine news was a slight diversion from the main focus of activity,  the restoration of the chassis. With the cylinder block and crankcase dispatched to Cast Iron Welding Services, the volunteer effort has returned to the chassis, or to be more particular, the axle boxes. Over the past weekend,  all 12 of the pins required to attach the radius rods to the axle boxes have been manufactured:

This means that we now have a full set of axlebox components, and, bar a few bolts (and the wheel turning), all of the running gear components.
The kit of parts which make up a single axlebox are illustrated below:

Which look like this when assembled:

Lubrication is applied via the trimming wool pad & wicks of the Armstrong oilers.
The spring loaded lids on the feed to the under-axlebox reservoirs are a nice little feature:

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