Sunday, 1 January 2017

Brake work

Photos by Rob Bishop

Rick and Matty's two-man working party is forging on with the restoration of the brake gear. This is a ‘top down’ overhaul, starting with the brake handle.

Before restoration:

After restoration:

The cap to the stanchion itself was very corroded, so this has been replaced:

And the whole assembly has been painted:

Reaming out the arm on the brake weighbar shaft:

The handbrake column connects to the weighbar via a slotted link,  not strictly necessary on a loco which also has a handbrake, but an essential feature if you have a powered brake. The drawings confirm that the steam powered locos which used the same chassis were fitted with steam brakes.

The slotted link needed machining out to accommodate the larger pin required because hole in the weighbar shaft had worn oval, a defect rectified by the reaming:

The completed sub-assembly:

One of the bearings which carry the weighbar shaft being bored out:

The completed weighbar re-fitted to the frames: 
(As the frames have already been orientated for a loco working in the southern hemisphere the whole thing is upside down to northern eyes)

The drawing below has a local orientation showing progress and the inter-relationship between the various components - they are all situated below the cab floor.

The leading brake pull rod has seen better days, but nothing that cannot be sorted out with gas and gentle persuasion:

For a job like this, it helps if you have three legs for some reason:

Some gas, a die nut and an amputation later:

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